Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poland-Czech Republic-Slovakia

Fast road from Chełmek to border in Cieszyn, cool curves between Brzeszcze and Bielsko, then two lanes to the border. On the way back we got to the massive storm.
In Czech Republic and part of Slovakia before Zilina there is "land of constant cold" it was about 15 degrees there.
In Slovakia stay on the Highway to Bratislava and to Hungarian border. We took local roads with too many small towns with ridiculous speed limits and cops behind every damn bush just waiting for you to jump on the red light. Also avoid cities, people there have to be brainwashed. When the speed limit is 40 or even 30 km/h every single driver won't go even one mile faster.
We passed the Slovakia-Hungary border in Komarno by the bridge on river Dunaj.
Sorry, no photos from this part.

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